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Suggested topics following parish meeting 2/3/23 on the design and appearance of the WRR.

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Dark skies

Revised street light policy (October 2022). Annex A will be of most interest & includes links to other useful information - https://mycouncil.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?Id=9478 and the Council does support protecting Dark Skies. 


Looking at Google Maps street view – the Thame bypass is lit on one side on the housing side in places (and not the open field side), and two sides near junctions & industrial sites, but not at all on the far side (linking Long Crendon Roundabout to the Lord Bill’s roundabout).  Where the new houses have been built where a cycle path runs along side there is street lighting on the housing side & at various points on the industrial site side.

Again on Google Maps street view – along the Wallingford bypass (which I believe has a shared path running alongside), there seems to be minimal/no street lighting except at the roundabouts (but the new developments are not shown yet).


As for noise –