WAT 8 development (Providence Land)


To access the planning application click on the following link…http://www.southoxon.gov.uk/ccm/support/Main.jsp?MODULE=ApplicationDetails&REF=P16/S2576/O

Providence Land’s request for outline planning permission to build 100 new houses and a ‘relief road’ in Pyrton parish, between Shirburn conservation area to the north and Watlington conservation area to the south, has caused considerable anxiety and over 70 residents within Pyrton alone voiced their objections by writing to SODC or submitting their responses online by 30th September deadline.

A letter of objection submitted to SODC by Pyrton Parish Council can be viewed by clicking on the following link…http://www.pyrton.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/160915-Land-off-Pyrton-Lane_Pyrton-Parish-Council.pdf

In Watlington the Parish Council planning committee voted unanimously to object to the proposal. Their primary objection being that the ‘application is premature in that the neighbourhood plans for both Watlington and Pyrton are currently being processed and not yet complete.’ Their second major objection was that the application shows a traffic route that would put increased pressure on Pyrton Lane. They also object to the proposal on the grounds that it will lead to the coalescence of Pyrton and Watlington and state that ‘the parish councils of Pyrton and Watlington are agreed that as far as is possible we need to avoid the loss of the clear separation of the two communities by clear open space, particularly agricultural open space. This application makes a significant encroachment into this open and by placing housing on the Pyrton side of the edge road invites the further development of this land.’

Shirburn Parish Council wrote in their objection that ‘the scale and location of the proposed development is contrary to the adopted Core Strategy Settlement Hierarchy and Policy CSR1 (Housing and Villages). The proposal is also harmful to the local character and distinctiveness of Pyrton, Watlington and the surrounding land uses.’ Furthermore, they state that it is an ‘inappropriate site – pockets of development should preferably occur within the existing boundaries of Watlington or, if larger greenfield sites must be used, they should not be overlooked by the AONB and should not merge Watlington with any other settlement.’ They also object on the grounds that the proposed development would compound local traffic issues.

A letter of objection from Beechwood Estates in Shirburn (the application site abuts Shirburn Castle which is a Registered Park and Garden and Conservation Area comprising of Grade I, II* and II Listed Buildings) can be viewed by clicking on the following link…beechwood-estates-letter-of-objection

This case is currently being considered by Mella McMahon at South Oxfordshire District Council…
Mella McMahon, Planning Department, South Oxfordshire District Council, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton OX14 4SB

If you would like to further express your views on this application please e-mail Pyrton Parish council at info@pyrton.org and/or our district councillor, Anna Badcock (11 High Street, Watlington, Oxon OX49 5PZ)…annabadcock1@gmail.com