Steering Group

“Community participation lies right at the heart of sustainable development. Sustainable communities will take different form from place to place, but one thing that none of them will be able to do without is a broad and deep level of participation.” ¬†
(Action Towards Local Sustainability, website introduction, 1999)

To get a fully representative neighbourhood plan we consulted and involved as many parishioners as possible and obtained their views and vision for the future of their neighbourhood.

A group of volunteers formed a Steering Group to facilitate the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.  These volunteers were: John Curtis, Lucy Brittain, Genevieve Young, Ed Baker, Henry Findlater, Ben Schofield, Michael Crawford and Paul McNamara.

Terence O’Rourke, a planning and design company, were invited to work with the parish of Pyrton, to guide and inform it during the preparation of its neighbourhood plan.