Potential Housing Sites

For the Pyrton Neighbourhood Plan to be effective in safeguarding the interests of the Pyrton community, it needed to offer potential sites for development. Pyrton qualifies as an ‘other village’ under the SODC plan. This means it does not have a set quota of new housing but the steering group considered an increase of 10% on the existing number of houses would be in order. This is the norm now with ‘other villages’ in South Oxfordshire. Although there are 96 houses in the parish altogether, there are 46 in the main village.

The risk in not offering suitable sites is that, especially in relation to ‘infill’ (unused sites in the village that are along or near the road),┬ádevelopers will be able to push through schemes that are inappropriate for the parish and will change the village’s character in perpetuity. The Neighbourhood Plan gave the community the chance to enshrine its own choice of sites. An open meeting was held in the Village Hall in December 2016 (see figs 1 & 2) and a survey was sent out afterwards enabling everyone to contribute to making that choice.

Fig 1. Meeting, Village Hall, December 2016

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.55.42

Fig 2. Gantt chart showing progress of Neighbourhood Plan and
Maps of potential development sites

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.55.56

The locations of the sites that were put forward for potential development are detailed on the maps below: