Pyrton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017 – 2033 Consultation Open 5th May – 16th June 2017

Pyrton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017 – 2033

Pyrton Parish Council Planning for the future of the parish

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Consultation Open 5 May – 16 June 2017


Pyrton would like to invite all relevant statutory consultation authorities and other interested parties from the wider community to make comment on our neighbourhood plan.  The consultation period begins Friday 5 May, 2017 and will conclude on Friday 16 June.  During this period, display copies will be available in the Pyrton Village Hall and St Mary’s Church located in the heart of the village.  In addition, the neighbourhood plan can be viewed on our website by following the link to ‘Pyrton Neighbourhood Plan’.


All comments are welcome!  Provide us your feedback by:

  1. Emailing
    1. Pyrton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group at  OR
    2. Pyrton Parish Council at  OR
  2. Posting a letter to
    1. John Curtis, Chairman of Pyrton Parish Council, Lothlorien, Pyrton OX49 5AP  OR
    2. Genevieve Young, Clerk for Pyrton Parish Council, Christmas Cottage, Pyrton OX49 5AP

Thank you for your time in reviewing the plan and offering comment.

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