SODC’s Local Plan Update

SODC received around 2,000 responses to their ‘preferred options’ document which detailed where new housing might go across South Oxfordshire.  This included the suggestion of a large housing site of at least 3,500 houses on Chalgrove Airfield.

In this Autumn’s edition of ‘Outlook’ SODC state that they are ‘still working through these comments, and they will help us choose which sites are best to put in the Local Plan which we aim to submit to a government inspector next year’.  Before then they need to undertake the following tasks…

  1. Preferred options part 2 consultation 
    Early 2017 they will ask us what we think about a range of detailed planning policies including those that help in deciding planning applications and the types of infrastructure necessary to support new housing and jobs such as roads, parks and schools.
  2. Submission consultation
    Once they have amended these policies, they will add them to the Local Plan along with the details of the main housing sites we have identified for the district.  They will then ask us what we think of the whole package  – our comments will go to the planning inspector along with SODC’s Local Plan.
  3. Examination
    The government planning inspector will examine SODC’s plan and may decide to hold hearings to make sure they followed a satisfactory process to create the plan and that they have listened properly to local concerns.
  4. Adoption
    If the Local Plan is concluded sound by the inspector it can be adopted and the policies can be used to determine planning applications in South Oxfordshire.

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