Photo of Pyrton Lane – how will it change with development?

This photograph was on the cover of June 2016 edition of The Watlington Times  – how will it change with development?  Pyrton resident, Philip Pinney, commented on the picture: ‘What a nice rural lane – it would be wonderful if we could keep it that way!

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1 thought on “Photo of Pyrton Lane – how will it change with development?

  1. I am a long time resident of Pyrton (18 years) and I am writing with serious concerns about the above planning application.

    It is alarming to think that the proposed development will double the size of Pyrton. I gather that SODC’s strategy allows for no development in Pyrton other than small “infill” that will be very limited in scope. There is confusion here since Watlington is in need of increased housing but the proposed development is for a site within Pyrton parish. Furthermore the SODC strategy states that existing and separate communities are not to be merged and Green Buffer Zones need to be maintained to avoid such mergers. WAT8 needs to be retained as agricultural land in order for Watlington and Pyrton to remain separate and distinct.

    Provdence Land’s proposal takes no account of the impact their proposal will have on some important and historic properties, such as Pyrton Manor and the gardens of Shirburn. The site borders an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty and the development would severely affect people’s enjoyment of the area with increased emissions pollution, noise, and streetlightling of the new road.

    We have a very high groundwater table here in Pyrton. A few years ago my house and contents were severely damaged by flooding. As things are at the moment, the proposed site effectively absorbs and holds a vast amount of surface water. It is likely that the proposed development would greatly increase the flow of water downhill into Pyrton which would not be able to cope with such an increase and result in more flood damage and misery for its residents.

    The proposal is for only a section of the alternative relief road with the remainder completely dependent on the development of other sites. This seems highly questionable, giving rise to the possibility that a solution to the traffic woes in Watlington will not be found in this development. On the contrary there is a strong possibility that it will increase traffic on Pyrton Lane, a small country road already greatly overused as a shortcut by traffic from the direction of Chalgrove, Cuxham and Watlington, on its way to and from the M40. I suspect the plan is ultimately to turn Pyrton Lane into a super-highway to allow for the vast amount of traffic that will be generated from the development in Chalgrove and other sites in Watlington. This will forever ruin the beauty and tranquility of the village of Pyrton.

    I hope the views of the residents of Pyrton will be considered. It is astonishing that Providence Land made their presentation in Watlington and not in Pyrton when their development plan is in fact for a site in Pyrton. This alone ought to result in permission being denied, but it seems clear that there are many arguments against the proposed development. I sincerely hope it will not get off the ground!

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